Teachers’ Email Addresses

Teachers’ Email Addresses

Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, parents are not permitted in the school building and cannot pop into teachers in the classrooms in the same way they would have in the past. For this reason, we would like to remind parents that all teachers are contactable through their school email address and are available to communicate with you in this way. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any queries or concerns.

Junior Infant Teachers

Ms. Ní Bhradáin – enibhradain@scoilbhridejns.com
Ms. Kelly – jkelly@scolbhridejns.com
Ms. Burke – aburke@scoilbhridejns.com
Ms. Keogh – ckeogh@scoilbhridejns.com

Senior Infant Teachers

Ms. Reynolds – preynolds@scoilbhridejns.com
Ms. Horan – ehoran@scoilbhridejns.com
Ms. Mc Ginn – smcginn@scoilbhridejns.com
Ms. Duffy – fduffy@scoilbhridejns.com

1st Class Teachers

Ms. Bowers – jbowers@scoilbhridejns.com
Ms. Crotty – ncrotty@scoilbhridejns.com
Ms. Kelly – ckelly@scoilbhridejns.com
Ms. Gibbons – kgibbons@scoilbhridejns.com

2nd Class Teachers

Ms. Begley – abegley@scoilbhridejns.com
Ms. Keogh – lkeogh@scoilbhridejns.com
Ms. Hickey – shickey@scoilbhridejns.com
Ms. Keegan – rkeegan@scoilbhridejns.com

ASD Class Teachers

Ms. Ward – nward@scoilbhridejns.com
Mr. Daly – sdaly@scoilbhridejns.com