Remote Learning Policy



The aim of this Policy on Remote Learning is to have systems in place in the event that there should be a partial or full closure of our school as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic or for any other reason.

As a contingency for when pupils and/or teachers are advised to self-isolate or restrict their movements, the following is a brief, concise action plan for supporting the continuity of pupils’ learning, using digital technology where possible.

Preparatory Work

 The following have been put in place in order that there will be a smooth transition from school to home

  • All contact details for staff are up-dated annually to Aladdin, Gmail and WhatApp.
  • All contact details for pupils and parents are updated annually to Aladdin.
  • Teachers have received training on how to use the learning platform, See-Saw.
  • The school has invested in Reading Eggs and Maths Seeds which are online learning platforms geared towards children needing support in maths and literacy.
  • All relevant school policies (Acceptable Use of Technology, and Child Protection) are up to date.

We have put in place the following arrangements to facilitate remote learning

  • Digital communication with and between staff using Aladdin, dedicated school email addresses, Google Drive and WhatsApp.
  • Digital communication between staff and pupils. See-Saw will be used if and when necessary.
  • Reading Eggs and Maths Seeds will be used for children needing additional support.
  • Digital communication between schools and parents/guardians. Parents will be contacted as appropriate by the principal, daily by the teachers and regularly by support teachers and SNAs. Parents will be encouraged to email the Principal or Class Teacher if they have any concerns.
  • In the event that we are given sufficient notice, physical work-packs will be given to the children.
  • Teachers will share short and long term plans on Google Drive
  • If a child is isolating for a short period, the decision re remote learning is made by the teacher in relation to sending work home, taking into context the family situation.


During partial or full school closures, we will maintain appropriate contact, relevant to the needs of the pupils affected by the closure, with any necessary external agencies, including the HSE, NEPS, NCSE and Tusla Education Support Service (TESS).

Personnel to support continuity of schooling

Where pupils and/or teachers are advised to self-isolate or restrict their movements the class teacher will provide for continuity of schooling to the greatest extent possible for those pupils who are advised to restrict their movements. However, if the class teacher is not in the position to do so a substitute teacher will be employed and will be assisted by

  • A special education teacher (SET): The principle of allocating the greatest level of support to those pupils with the greatest need remains, in line with the Continuum of Support.
  • Designated teacher from the staff: A teacher on the staff who has been medically certified as being at very high risk to Covid-19 and is available to work from home can support remote learning for individual pupils or classes, in line with circular 0049/2020.
  • A teacher from the staff who has been advised to restrict his/her movements: A teacher on the staff who has been advised to restrict his/her movements but is medically fit for work can support remote learning for individual pupils or classes in line with circular 0049/2020.
  • Designated teacher from a local Education Centre: A teacher from another school who has been medically certified as being at very high risk to COVID-19 and is on the assigned list in the local Education Centre can assist in this work in line with circular 0049/2020.

Specific Consideration

  • As Scoil Bhríde is a junior school the needs of pupils require particular consideration. young children are less likely to work independently. Parents/guardians will be given specific guidance on how best to support their children at home, when in a position to do so.
  • The children will benefit from home learning packs which will contain a range of materials to support early literacy and numeracy skill development, specific opportunities for hands-on activities and opportunities to learn from home using the home environment in subjects such as Social Environmental and Scientific Education (SESE) and the Visual Arts. They will have opportunities to share samples of learning activities with the class teacher and/or their peers.


Policy ratified by the Board of Management

Signed: ________________________________ (Chairperson)

Date:    __________