Maths Week October 2020

Maths Week October 2020

Ms. Begley’s class have been very busy this week. They had great fun playing lots of different maths games and they got very competitive in their teams for the maths quiz.



Ms. Burke’s Junior Infants were very busy! They were comparing tall/short, big/small, long/short in maths this week. They drew big/small shapes in the yard with chalk and used the maths materials to make tall/short towers.



Ms. Keegan’s 2nd Class had lot of maths fun this week. They played lots of board games, did an online challenge and a maths quiz in their table groups. The maths quiz winners are photographed below with their prizes.

Ms. Kelly’s 1st Class were working with the Beebots! They also had great fun on a Car Park Car Registration Maths Trail. You can see them busy recording information on their clip boards!

Ms. Keogh’s Junior Infants were busy learning directions with the Beebots.