Blog Posts From 2nd Class in Room 19

Blog Posts From 2nd Class in Room 19

China and Chinese New Year
We learnt about China and Chinese New Year. We made Chinese lanterns and learnt how to speak a little bit of Mandarin. We celebrated Chinese New Year and ate Chinese food. We tried eating with chopsticks, it was really hard. We had lots of fun!
By Emilio and Holly

Maths Week 
It was Maths Week in school. We played with the Beebots. We did a Maths quiz. Our class won the Maths quiz. We also played lots of Maths games.
By Paige and David

Science Experiments
We have been busy learning about Science in Room 19. We learnt how to make raisins dance with fizzy water. We guessed if things would float or sink and then checked to see if they did float or sink. We learnt about birds and went on a bird walk in the garden to go find them. We played a game to guess what material was in the bag. We like learning about Science.
By Jessica M and Alex

Parent’s Day
We had parent’s day in room 19. Our parents came in and we showed them what we had been doing in class. We had lots of stations in the room. The stations were: China, Chinese New Year, Gaeilge cluichí, synchronised swimming in PE, Art, Report writing, Maths games and Science experiments. We enjoyed showing our parents all the things we have been doing. We had great fun!
By Kyle and Lauryn


Wild flower workshop

Patrick Hunt came in to visit Room 19. He talked to us about signs of spring and flowers. We drew a picture of the life cycle of a flower. We went outside and found different flowers in the garden. We found Primroses, Crocuses, Flower Currants, Daffodils, a Cherry Blossom, African
Daisies, Grape Hyacinths, Vilburns and a Fumitory. We looked at the pollen inside the flowers. We also found seeds in the Daffodils. We brought the flowers inside. We counted the petals and drew pictures of the flowers.
By Liam and Jessica W